Frequently Asked Questions

1What does it mean “wisdom that counts”?
Our logo and name are inspired by an owl boobook, a small owl found in Australasia. An owl symbolises wisdom and has powerful senses – hearing and sight. We chose it for our company name because, according to mythology, owls often perceive what others might not, meaning we’re experts in seeing the non-obvious and digging deep under the surface. Our research and takeaways 'count' because they are important and applicable to our clients’ businesses. The concept of counting also refers to our quantitative research and the data-based approach. “Wisdom that counts” is a translation of our approach and philosophy: we interpret data into actionable interpretations through storytelling.
2What is a "customer-centric approach"?
We believe customers should be at the core of a marketing (and business!) strategy. Our research and consultancy revolves around what customers think, want, need and expect. We strive to derive insights that are based on findings and feedback that the end customers expressed and shared during the research. For example, when we do pricing studies, we advise optimal price points based on the effective judgements of end customers on how much a product is worth and how much it should cost.
3What is your core expertise?
Even though we carry out any type of business consultancy based on consumer or customer data, our expertise lies in more strategic pieces where there is a need for a combination of business thinking, bespoke analytics and getting the story out of the data. The strategic pieces we mostly work on are: pricing studies (optimal price points within the portfolio, price elasticity analysis, demand curves, etc.) that bring about profit maximisation customer targetting & segmentation customer journey & path-to-purchase We see data and market research as tools, not as means to deliver customer insights. Guided by 20 years of experience, we understand how important it is to ask who, what, and why when using different data and data sources.
4Do you do global studies or country-based? 
Our clients come from all over the world, so yes, indeed, we do both global and country-based studies. We also have a reliable network of partners, making global studies easily conducted and managed. And lastly, we’re an international team spread over several European countries and speak several languages, which also facilitates the management of international studies.
5Who are your clients? 
Our clients come from a wide range of industries, models and locations. We work with: international & national businesses different sectors: FMCG, banking&insurance, utilities, tourism, healthcare, etc. multinationals and tier2 Some of our clients include Pernod Ricard, Niko, Gameloft, DeLijn, National Lottery, Disney, Brightfish, etc. If you want to read more success stories from our clients, please check out here.
6What are the steps you take to deliver a successful project? What is your methodology?
Once the project launches, we usually follow these steps: Workshops to align/verbalise/concretise stakeholders' needs and expectations and review the pros and cons of different approach options. Decision on final approach and buy-in of all stakeholders Desk research phase or interviewing phase with clients and stakeholders to understand the business context and case more profoundly Setting up quantitative and/or qualitative research together with our partners to gather the customer data Data analysis Analysis discussion workshops where different options will be reviewed, leading to a joint decision on the final solution Semi-final presentation – presenting/discussing the first version of the presentation with the core team, with input to further enhance Final presentation: full deck to present to all stakeholder “tribes”/departments/branches Tribe workshops & further action plans: translating the insights into clear actions for each tribe or department to make sure insights are well-embedded in different processes .
7Why should we work with you if we can do the market research ourselves?
We are solutions-oriented, not relying on off-the-shelf frameworks, and we thrive on collaboration. This tested approach brings long-term success to our clients and our team. We analyse every business question and find the most suitable approach to get the best results. Our team consists of data scientists, marketing consultants, researchers, business consultants and analysts from different backgrounds but united in a passion for helping businesses become customer-centric. You will get guidance throughout the whole project, from start to end. Read here why our clients decided to work with us instead of doing customer insights research in-house.
8Do you also help companies with data storytelling?
Yes, we do. Many companies struggle with telling the story based on (often internal) data. We give storytelling training to help teams have more impact on decision making.
9Where do you gather data for your research?
Via primary research techniques, like quantitative or qualitative research, to understand the who and why. We also use other sources of data, such as CRM data or data from web scraping, to answer the ‘what’.