Get closer to your customers.

When you truly understand your customers, you can predict their needs and exceed their expectations. We support you in creating agile pricing strategies, optimising complex product portfolios, mastering path-to-purchase, and developing customer segmentation. 

Developing agile pricing strategies

Are you struggling with defining the value and pricing of your products? Not sure how to set up your pricing strategy and build volume, revenue, and brand equity? Or how to optimise pricing across the entire brand portfolio?  

Value-based pricing is a core area of our expertise. We know the complex methodologies inside-out, such as various conjoint methods, which help us define answers to critical business questions. Guided by experience, we support you in setting up successful pricing strategies for both long-term & short-term wins. 

Optimising products and product portfolio

You are at the last stage of product definition but are struggling to decide which product features to embed? You want to launch a new product or packaging, but you are not sure which version to bring on the market? Will you lose or gain customers? Will you be able to demand a premium price, and what impact will it have on brand perception?  

Product concept testing, combined with a conjoint methodology, helps us define the winning concept. 

Targeting the right customers

Do you want to build valuable, long-term customer relationships? Wondering which products to sell, to what audience, and how to communicate with them?   

We help you identify different types of customers and what drives them so you can focus on the ones closest to your brand values. Segmentation analytics, where we build personas and focus on what they mean for your business, is just the beginning of our method.

We connect those persona’s to (future) purchase data, enabling you to build targeted marketing campaigns directly from your customer database. 

Activating customers on their path to purchase

One of the most important questions in any business is how to inspire customers to buy your products over the competition? Offering a range of great products at a reasonable price is critical, but it’s not a silver bullet solution. Brands also need to ensure their products bring value and are aligned with customers' needs and expectations.   

 Unlocking all the parts of the customer journey, from the initial need to the post-purchase interaction, enables us to know where, when, and how to influence customers. Through close collaboration, we guide you through this funnel, delivering meaningful insights driven by data. 

We can help you to become
truly customer-centric.