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The strength of our business is the strength of our team and its individual members. Let us introduce our people to you.

Yorick Phlypo

I'm Yorick Phlypo, Senior Smart BI Developer at boobook.

In 2007 I obtained a master’s degree in graphic design at St. Lucas, Ghent. Having attended workshops linked to the Experimental Atelier and two residences during a festival for audiovisual projects, I found myself introduced to interaction design and interactive visuals through experiment with sound and numerical data.
Getting more and more fascinated by the logic behind digital designs, I continued my studies with a year of PHP-development.

After my studies I worked for two years as a web developer, first at Duo (Bruges) and later at ?Jep! (Ghent). During this working experience I was given the opportunity to put into practice and constantly improve my web development skills and to combine those with my skills in graphic design.

Striving for better ways to use visual properties in communicating statistical results while constantly bearing in mind usability, is what attracts me most in my job at boobook. Working in a team to obtain the best possible results on a project basis makes the challenge complete.

Apart from working, I play volleyball, enjoy casual city trips (with or without an entertaining concept in mind), and like getting the most out of recipes including eating the results. I also casually play the piano and the guitar.