Our people

The strength of our business is the strength of our team and its individual members. Let us introduce our people to you.

Melanie Van Meirvenne

I’m Melanie Van Meirvenne, Project Executive at boobook.

After graduating from Ghent University with a Master's in International Relations, I became a researcher at their Department of Political Science, focusing on the transatlantic security relationship. In 2018, I made the leap to boobook. Here, I’ve been given the opportunity to manage an immense variety of research and smart reporting projects, each with tangible, real-world applications, and work with a talented team of analysts and developers, all of whom have the innate ability to see a story where others see only numbers.

Outside the office, I am known as a pop culture fiend who uses too many Mean Girls references for her own good, and I have made it my life’s mission to create the perfect cupcake. Because they’re like, so fetch.