Our people

The strength of our business is the strength of our team and its individual members. Let us introduce our people to you.

Glenn Thys

I'm Glenn Thys, Senior Visual designer (digital & presentation) at boobook.

I'm a crossmedia designer by education, with a love for digital storytelling. Before boobook I worked for 8 years in a creative agency as Art-Director. I come from a background in branding and digital visual design. I was responsible for the overall visual concept & the user experience design.

My experience with visual design is now my expertise at boobook. I’m accountable for the new visual innovation stream online and offline. From smart reporting to visual workshops & from online dashboards to creative presentations.

Every interface is a story!

Web & Visual Interface:

Responsive, interactive and user friendly digital designs for all devices.

Strategy / UX and UI:

Creating amazing experiences for users.

Data Viz & Smart Reporting:

Make data sexy. Storytelling design to create a great impact on your stakeholder(s).

Apart from working, I like cycling and blues country music. I know, strange combination … but that’s me!