Analytics and data visualisation in market research have significantly evolved since our start in 2002. Today, we increasingly enrich our clients’ understanding of their customer’s journey with analysis of additional data from a plethora of sources.


Smart online reporting

A cloud-based reporting service that gives you a quick overview of your most critical business data, in one place. We build the reports for you and take you through the thinking process of selecting the right data and visualisation method, resulting in the right message.

Custom-made dashboards

Having the insights at your fingertips, anytime and from everywhere through an online dasbboard, tailored to your company’s needs, enabling quick input to strategy plans.

Connecting data sources

Companies are bombarbed with individual dashboards. We help them tie these together in one portal which generates consolidated views and actionable insights.  

Visual story telling

We believe in concise & visual reports and avoiding (statistical) terminology. We love to develop a simple story that sticks.  

What if simulators

Pricing optimisations and volume forecasts through a custom-made Exel tool allowing you to quantify the impact of different market/pricing scenarios.


Our approach

We typically develop bespoke portals in-house: mobile first design, easy-to-use / fast, security access rules, generating detailed and tailored PPT reports, fully customisable.

But we can also assist you with 'out-of-the-box' tools, such as Tableau, Power BI, QlikView, Watson, etc.

Smart online reporting