Analytics and data visualisation in market research have significantly evolved since our start in 2002. Today, we increasingly enrich our clients’ understanding of their customer’s journey with analysis of additional data from a plethora of sources.


Market research analytics

Using structured data to answer marketing-related questions about products, pricing and customers. This is the core of our business. We are not a market research agency. Instead, we help agencies and companies to use market research data to its full potential.

Understanding the market

Understanding customer needs and customer behaviour: (new) customer trends, identifying market opportunities (gap analysis).

Product development

Optimisation of products and portfolios through advanced Conjoint methods.

Customer experience

Analysing the customer journey. Understanding the drivers behind NPS scores and loyalty levers.


Supporting the development of pricing strategies and tactics through a variety of tools and processes: measuring price elasticity, identifying optimum price points to maximise revenue and profit, and promo optimisation.

Identifying the target market

The critical steps of the development of a marketing strategy: defining the Customer segmentation, establishing sales targets, developing strategies for upsell/cross-sell and minimising customer churn.

Volume forcasting

Forecasting volumes in case of (new) product uptake, from launch to peak share and other scenarios.

Market research analytics