Data-powered strategic pricing consulting

Say goodbye to the days of guessing what your customers are willing to pay for your brand, product, or service. Understand what drives your customer’s buying decisions. Use the power of a value-based pricing strategy to price your products smarter. Boost your profits  

Unlock actionable pricing insights.

Price reflects the customer, the brand, and the product. We provide you with the necessary knowledge and helpful research and data analytics tools to be more in tune with what your audience needs and wants, and offer the right product or service to the right customer


When it comes to pricing, we've got you covered on all fronts.

Find answers to all your pricing questions.

  • Find the revenue or profit maximizing price for existing product(s)
  • Assess consumer price sensitivity for each product/brand in the portfolio
  • Determine the optimal price for a new product
  • Configure the portfolio in terms of features and price
  • Identify the most and least valued product features
  • Create a price promotion that will generate the most success with target customers
  • Understand the pricing power of your brands (and competitor brands)
  • Determine if your price aligns with brand value

Every successful pricing project starts with truly understanding your customers/consumers.


We approach every project in a unique way, and we tailor our services depending on your requirements. However, we usually follow a 3-step framework, designed and perfected through 20 years of experience answering numerous pricing questions of high-profile international companies: 

  • Alignment & input workshops

    Understanding and aligning the business issue and objective is the most crucial part of the process. It ensures that we will achieve the best results for your business. We run several meetings to facilitate this to discuss your needs, business context, knowledge gaps and hypotheses.
  • Consumer/customer listening

    During phase two, we conduct an outside-in market and competitor analysis to gain a nuanced understanding of the playing field. Depending on the needs and available information, we will either talk to customers/consumers to understand their needs and (future) behaviour or deep dive into existing data.
  • Learn, act & optimise

    In the last phase, we translate data into valuable insights and practical pricing strategies. We equip you with essential actions that will drive you towards success. Our approach combines business understanding, smart analytics and storytelling.

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Supporting and empowering marketing, sales, and product development teams by working closely with insights managers and pricing, finance and revenue growth management directors.  

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