We are experts in advanced analytics and custom-made online dashboards. Since 2002, we have been focusing on understanding and using data to help our clients make better decisions.



Our insatiable curiosity ensures that we are asking the right questions, and that we are aware of the latest thinking and methodologies. This way, we can explore issues from every possible angle.

Creative forward thinking

Anticipating and shaping the future requires an open mind and creative thinking.

People matter

The strength of our business is the collective creative energy, spirit, expertise and experience of our team and how we engage with our clients.


We believe in a total quality approach in everything we do. Good is not enough – we aim for excellence.

Integrity above all

Any analysis is value-based, with the most important values being transparency and objectivity.


We want to enable our clients to stay ahead by unlocking the value of their data. This allows them to be consistently successful in a world of unmatched change and opportunity.


Story so far

In 2002, Nicole Huyghe founded solutions-2 with three objectives: offer a high-quality service in statistical analysis, have a fun job and work from home so she could take care of her two small children.

Many things have changed since then. The children are not so small anymore, and she is now surrounded by a team of 20 wonderful colleagues across offices in Ghent and in London. 

In 2016, we entered a new era: solutions-2 has become boobook. In addition to market research analytics, more and more clients are asking us to include behavioural data and other structured and unstructured (Big) data.