Client story

Nikon - Do more in less time with presentation automation

When doing manual labour won’t do

Time has greater value than ever before – especially for large corporations. In this era of big data, task automation isn’t just optional; it’s a must. Granting the right people access to the right data at the right time is crucial in giving companies the agility they need to make smart moves and stay at the top of their games – and speed can be a differentiating factor in the decision-making process.

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Nikon is a multinational Japanese corporation specialising in Opto-electronics and precision technologies. The firm approached boobook for assistance in performing an internal survey across all of Nikon’s European subsidiaries, in 9 languages, and guaranteeing full employee anonymity. If that wasn’t enough, the ultimate objective was the creation of several PowerPoint reports customised per Nikon’s corporate image, all through automatic processes. In the past, Nikon had put these reports together manually, wasting valuable time in ‘grunt work’ that could be performed much more easily with a little bit of automation magic.



Bringing you the right data, the right way, in no time

We put all the collected survey data into our proprietary cloud-based smart reporting tool, which gives companies an easy-to-understand visual overview of critical business data. Using this tool, Nikon could see at-a-glance the comparisons of outcomes across years, corporate branches and more. The tool also enables users to write and save remarks, for later use in presentations and other documents.

But the most important benefit of our smart reporting tool is the automatic creation of PowerPoint reports for the different Nikon companies under evaluation. The PowerPoint presentations generated by the tool also adhere perfectly to Nikon’s style guidelines.


Do more in less time with presentation automation

Less number crunching, more decision-making

This tool enables Nikon to dedicate more time to analysing the numbers to gain the right insights, rather than wasting it on manual number crunching, presentation formatting and all the complexities that come with it. 2016 marks the third consecutive year that Nikon has called upon us to perform the survey and bring them the advantages that our smart reporting tool has to offer.