Our people

The strength of our business is the strength of our team and its individual members. Let us introduce our people to you.

Nathalie Sot

I'm Nathalie Sot, Senior Data Scientist at boobook.

I graduated from Birbeck University with an MSc in Statistics.

Before joining boobook, I acquired over 15 years in market research, either in agencies (Synovate now Ipsos) or in consultancy (including 7 years at Gartner) delivering projects for blue-chip companies in IT, Telecom, government bodies etc. More recently I worked as a freelance statistician for smaller agencies in London.

I joined boobook in June 2013, at an exciting time as the office is growing rapidly.

The greatest appeal of my job, beside fulfilling my passion for (the science of) numbers, is to be at the leading edge of our continuously evolving industry.

In contrast to my work, in my free time, I am a bit of a “jack-of-all-trade” and enjoy diverse activities from art and fashion, ballet and ball room dancing, cooking.., up to yachting and yoga, (zulu dancing not in the list, yet).