Our people

The strength of our business is the strength of our team and its individual members. Let us introduce our people to you.

Celina Buyle

I am Celina Buyle, Data Scientist at boobook.

I have a master’s degree in Commercial Engineering with a specialisation in Data Analytics. Before joining boobook, I worked at Deloitte in the Business Analytics team (formerly Analytics Lab) as a data analyst where I gained solid knowledge in Business Intelligence from a functional as well as implementation point-of-view.

I get enthusiastic about helping companies grow by using clear insights in sometimes complex business environments. What energises me is working in multidisciplinary teams of skilled and professional colleagues.

Outside the office, I am a salsa dancer in training and also love to play a game of badminton from time-to-time. Next to that, I love to go for a run as it enables me to enjoy my regular gin tonic even more.