Our Clients

Our clients are international agencies and
multinational companies active across
a variety of sectors: pharma, automotive, telco,
ICT, finance, FMCG and others.


Who we work for

We have developed deep and long-term relationships with our clients since we started 14 years ago.  Recognising the confidential nature of the majority of the work we do we have anonymised the client stories we publish online. There are many more stories to tell which may be relevant to your business challenge.

I really enjoyed the whole design/data visualisation training day – I have used PowerPoint for many years and whilst I’m considered within our company to be the 'go to person’ for queries etc, I did learn lots and in particular I enjoyed your session looking at charting and how to say more with less – some good debate in there!

Mark Hirst, Engagement Consultant, Chime Insight & Engagement Group

Client stories